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Aerobic Training

Aerobic Training, aerobic endurance training, or cardiorespiratory fitness are all terms that apply to the same idea – the ability of a client to sustain or persist at activity for a prolonged period of time (ACE Personal Training Manual). So often when someone talks about aerobic training you imagine running on a treadmill or riding a bike or hitting the elliptical machine for hours on end but aerobic training can be so much more than that!  

Aerobic Training is simply training that keeps you in your target heart rate zone for a sustained period of time and this can be achieved in so many more ways than what we traditionally think of.  When I train someone it is my goal to keep the workouts full of variety and, to this end, a client of Movement Dynamics will utilize boxing drills, stair work, functional footwork and agility drills, high intensity intervals, tabata drills and any other tools that will keep the session fun and productive while keeping you in your target heart rate zone!  You will see your aerobic capacity improve and you will have fun in the process!

So when you think of aerobic training don’t just think of the old traditional ways of getting your heart rate up, of pounding miles on a treadmill, or hours on a bike.  Think instead of exercises that keep personal training sessions fun, invigorated and lively, exercises that you’ll actually enjoy doing instead of dreading.  And think about the success you’ll have when you’re performing aerobic training that you actually like.  

That’s how I think about it at Movement Dynamics!

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