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How Your Fitness Program Is Created

It starts with a free evaluation for all new clients!  

In this evaluation we will review your medical history, look at how you move, determine what areas are great and what areas could use a little improvement, and discuss your fitness and health goals.  In doing this evaluation, your fitness sessions truly become PERSONAL training sessions – not “one size fits all” but rather sessions built around your wants, needs and goals.  

Once I look at all the information I can now design a training program to help you reach your fitness goals, and these goals, I know from experience, can vary greatly from client to client.  I have worked with an array of clients who have had a large range of fitness goals and challenges including:

In other words, if you have a fitness goal I can help you achieve it!  Please email me today to find out more about how Movement Dynamics In-Home Personal Training can help you reach all your fitness goals.

Aerobic Training

Strength Training

Tai Chi

Aerobic TrainingStrength TrainingTai ChiAerobic TrainingStrength TrainingTai Chi

 A Fitness Program Customized to Help You Meet Your Goals